Effortless Style.




AbunDance of Life. 

Innate to living is the call to create beauty out of everything. Essential to happiness is finding that place of wonder in our lives. This is why darkness beckons light, chaos calls for order, and clamor welcomes peace. With rapturous delight in life and a deep appreciation for nature’s pattern, Laureli Cottage creates effortless elegance for the natural beauty of you, supplying an air of breezy confidence for your home and wardrobe with a touch of whimsy for your soul. 

Luxurious leather jewelry and hairpieces depicting leaves and flowers are painstakingly handcrafted by our namesake artist, Laurel Vargas, using a variety of techniques including millinery flower forming, leather burning, hand finishing and painting. All artwork is original and unique, using high quality genuine leather.


Laurel Vargas looks for splendor in everything. From dew laden summer grass to the stark strength of winter’s trees, there is the touch of the Divine in all the earth. From a simple and happy childhood remiss of many luxurious, Laurel found her heart come alive in creating beautiful spaces and moments for the people around her. An eye for detail and a vision for excellence have shaped her world where anything and anyone can be magnificent if you peer closely enough.  Coming from a long line of artists and musicians: Laurel’s father is a master craftsman woodworker, her mother an artist; Laurel has developed her drawing, painting and creative design from a young age.  Surrounded by forests, fields, creeks and rivers, and most of all the nurturing care of family. Laurel draws from nature’s delights to adorn the natural beauty of you, knowing that happiness comes from the beauty within us. It starts in the heart and lights up our eyes, working its way through our fingertips til everything we touch blossoms and smiles back at us. Happiness doesn’t come from the clothing or jewelry we wear, but they are expressions of the kind of light within our hearts. 




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