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Live beautifully. Fling open the door and bring nature in. Refresh your wardrobe, home, and hospitality with functional charm. Blending French Country elegance with Woodland allure, Laureli Cottage stands apart from the parade of trends to design and supply unique, timeless jewelry, gifts and home goods with real-life purpose.

Be confident. Style your life with intention and make space for meaningful connection with those you love. Laureli Cottage is a shop and blog that serves to provide tools and inspiration to make elegance easy for you.

Stunning leather jewelry in eye-catching botanical designs is handcrafted by Laurel in her studio while coordinating apparel and home goods are handpicked from specialty makers to supply you with functional charm for your life and home. 


Laurel Vargas looks for splendor in everything. From dew laden summer grass to the stark strength of winter’s trees, there is the touch of the Divine in all the earth. From a simple and happy childhood surrounded by forests, fields, and the nurturing care of family, Laurel found her heart come alive in creating beautiful spaces and moments for the people around her. An eye for detail and a vision for excellence have shaped her world where anything and anyone can be magnificent if you peer closely enough. Laurel seeks to provide practical pieces and inspiration for you to live with, believing that we were created to live in reverent intention and connection with God, people, and the world around us. 


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