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Retro Style Insulated Paper Lunch Bag

Retro Style Insulated Paper Lunch Bag

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price

The functional art you’ve dreamed of. A touch of nostalgia with a contemporary

update. This reusable lunch bag made

with washable paper has an extra-thick

insulated lining that keeps your lunch

fresh, while the outer material is easy to

clean and water-resistant. Plus, it's made

from Supernatural Paper, which has the

look and feel of leather but is washable,

sustainable, and 100% vegan.


This Out of the Woods product is

sustainable, vegan, and reusable.

Featuring Supernatural Paper™ which is

washable! Since this product is insulated,

both the insulation and the Supernatural

Paper™ can be wiped clean with ease.

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