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Thin Golden Laurel Leaf Leather Bracelet

Thin Golden Laurel Leaf Leather Bracelet


Shimmer and glow with this beautifully hand crafted laurel leaf leather bracelet, hand cut, tooled, and painted, then bonded together with a high strength flexible leather adhesive, and easily clasped end to end with a cute antique brass button. This bracelet is so soft and smooth, with the velvety suede side against your skin. Leather bracelets are perfect when you want to adorn your wrist but don't like the bulkiness of regular bracelets.


Out of a love for all things wild and wonderful, I personally design every bracelet and cuff to be a beautiful and original way to express your style.


-Genuine leather

-Tan Laurel leaves


-Antique brass button closure

-7.25 wrist size

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