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Sacred Home

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Home, that sacred shelter and foundation of our living, is valued for the quality of time spent within its structure, for it is the birthplace of family, friendship and community.

Home, a haven of rest and nourishment for the body, when cultivated with intention and care also becomes the most meaningful place for hearts, minds, and friendships to flourish.

Despite its primary function, I’ve found that home doesn’t feel like home until you’ve made good memories in it. You know the kind: moments that make you feel happy, relaxed and loved. Memories laced with laughter and joy in a safe space.

Sharing these moments doubles their joy. Shared with family members in the home, and shared with outsiders who have come in and gone out again, taking along a portion of your mutual experience that will stay with them forever.

Amidst a year of navigating a global pandemic which brought social isolation for many people, the first few times we invited people into our home, cautiously at first, I remember the flooding realization of how much my heart hurt from not being with people. I had chosen contentment with home life and simple living, keeping in touch via phone with friends and family members more than ever before. I thought I was ok, until we had people sit at our table for a home-cooked meal, lingering conversation and the joy of gathering face to face. We NEED this, I realized.

After another of our dinner invitations, a guest thanked us for the time in our home, and remarked on how much she realized she missed, and NEEDED intentional time together with others. How it nourished her to come into our home and sit at our table. She resolved to go and do the same for others.

After a year of “staying home,” perhaps now more than ever we see the need to welcome others to our homes.

My husband and I grew up in families where for generations the proverbial door was always open, with room at the table for more. We have moved many times since we got married, and every house has been carefully decorated for function and beauty, and has been filled with people as soon as possible. Each dwelling, however small or large, has been the scene of birthday parties, holiday celebrations, picnics, brunches, and intimate dinners. We enjoy life, we love people, and we believe that honoring others with time, friendship and resources is both our God ordained privilege and responsibility.

This past year brought another move for us, and while we were efficient in arranging our belongings and setting up house in the new place, we discovered that it began to feel like home only after we had shared our space and made good memories in it with other people.

We have received quite a heritage of witnessing how family and community are grown in the same place. Now the generational baton is being passed to us, and we are stretching our own wings, learning the joy of bringing people to our table in whatever house we dwell.

As a wife, a mother, a designer and business owner, creating beautiful and life-giving experiences to share with, uplift and encourage others is my great passion.

This space is dedicated to sharing our stories and the art of meaningful hospitality.

I hope to inspire you to take joy in living, to be confident in creating, and to find ease in sharing good things with others.



Jul 22, 2021

I am so excited to read more of your writings! I was influenced early in life by my "Maw Maw" from West Virginia, who was one of “those” people… simple, loving, caring, and giving. She lived very modestly in a 2 bedroom tar paper shack. But what was amazing about my great grandmother was that she was a magnet… a positive force that pulled people in and motivated them to want to be better. I remember that her simple home was always a welcoming place for "visitors." These were people who dropped in; needing a hug, a pat on the back, a kind word. They would start coming into the kitchen mid morning, and the stream of guests would cont…

Jul 28, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, she would have LOVED you, Laurel!

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